Thursday, June 30, 2016

"Dealing with Life Down Times"

Not posting had not been my plan, but with life going on it has been really hard and busy for me.  I have had some strange things come my way and dealing with them has taken up so much of my time.  I have spent two months of PT and other doctor appointments three to four days a week. My arm is almost back to normal but the pain to get them was like torture!  I took it because I knew what the out come would be, but never want to go through this again.  I still need some more time to work on it and feel I can do that at home. 

 June was full of going on hot trips and the heat had been down right hard to deal with.  My body does not like it!  The times I go is in a cab but the waiting is what gets to me.  This hot weather was not suppose to come till the middle of July!  Everyone has complained but that does not get you much of anywhere, but we all agreed that we need some rain.  Well, it did come last night.  It was nice to see it rain in Central Arizona but the rain was hot water!  I guess that is expected when it was 108^ outside.  It is so hot outside that no one wants to swim in the pool during the day. I do not blame them at all.  My A/C has worked great so my apartment is cool during this whole time.  My bill was lower than I thought it would be.  I thank God for that!  It looks like I will be staying in doors in July and find things to  do in doors.

Does anyone know of some great things to keep cool.  Please share!  I will back track in my post to come to let y'all know what has happened in the last month.  See you later!

Friday, May 13, 2016

"Slow Times Help You Along"

Last week not much went on in my life. Had a few doctor appointments and not much went on there also. There are times I feel that going to see them is just a waste of time.  I had a very boring peaceful week.  I needed it too! Spent the week trying to get my home together, and get rid of things I really don't need or want.  I guess you call it Spring Cleaning.  I still have more to do but I have to go by my speed which is slower than a turtle at times!

The days are getting hotter so now I need to go out to do things early in the morning. Not being a morning person it is going to be something to get use to.  I love the weather where I live but not with the heat.  The sun is hotter here than other places I have lived but still it is worth  it for the eight months of the really nice weather.  One good thing here in the Phoenix area is the weather makes it more months to swim in the pool.  I live in a complex that is very small and everyone just about knows each other.  We do not have the problems here like a large complex but when we do the manager keeps up on doing what he can.  Living in an apartment you have a lot of extras but you also have other things to deal with that you do not if you rent a house.  

This week started out with Mother's Day. My daughter cooked dinner, along with her roommate for both of their mothers.  It was great!  It turned out the be a good day.  I love a meal that I do not have to cook myself.  I was having a hard time of it, as this is the second Mother's Day without my mother, in fact, this was a harder Mother's Day without her than last year. Being the second one it hit me hard to the point that I was very low emotionally.   I got myself out of it before my daughter came to pick me up which was not easy, but I did it!  It shows that all the help I have gotten for me PTSP is working!  It is hard to pick up your life in a positive way, but I did.  When I got home I had a message from one of my sons, so two of my kids I did hear from.  Sometimes I do not connect with both of my boys, as they live  1400 miles from me.  Keeping in touch can be hard at times.  They both have a very busy life and sometimes times all I get is a message on the phone.  I love them and miss them a lot.

My daughter wanted a fudge cake for graduation so I will be making it next week.  Will post the recipe and the card I will be making for her.  See y'all later!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Starting Life Over Alone!

Life has been a very long way of me taking care of others in my family that needed someone that could come and go or live with them to make their life easier. The last one I took care of was my Mother which is the reason I have not been back to my Blog in a long time, as I was very ill myself. My mother died on June 15, 2013, and I moved from Texas to Arizona to be near my family. My brother David moved in with us and helped me so much with caring for our mother. I miss her a lot but she is in a better place now.

With the hot weather coming we are going to have a lot of days indoors. I have already have plans to get busy with my art, crafts sewing, and writing. They are all ways of helping to keep busy and not dwell on things that haunt me at times. I have found creative ways to express my anxiety in a healthy way. Writing helps me in a creative way to deal with what I need to in a positive way. I know that some of my poems and my stories are sometimes strange to some people. I am not the only one who expresses this way, as my brother John, has three books that he has published in the last five years. I understand his stories but then I know how his mind works. Others in my family write too. My father has a few cookbooks and computer book he has written.

Please come join me and see what I share each time I blog. I will also share some ways to cook for two people or just great food that all should try. With Christmas coming before you know it I will share gift ideas that you make at home with fabric, yarn, paper and craft supplies. I love to bake and cook good food. Living on a budget keeps me looking for ways to make good food at a cheaper price.

Hope to see y'all soon!!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Star Glass Frames

Frames that are for just that special image is sometimes hard to find. I create them for all kinds of things I make but save them so I have them later for those scrap booking or tags that I have created.  All can use them how you want as long as you do not removed the watermark or use them to sell  without my permission. Click on name of frame to download for Paint Shop Pro .pfr or .pgn file right click and save to your computer.